Top organic farmhouse that produce organic fruits & vegetables

To find Organic and Chemical free fruits and vegetables in your plate is becoming difficult with each passing day. Advancement in agricultural technologies and increasing use of chemicals and pesticides has put the nutritional value of the byproducts on stake. Benefits of eating fresh and organic fruits have multiple benefits that are known to all. Good Immunity, Low Stress, Stable Mental and Physical Health are all the benefits of eating fresh and organic food.

Metropolitan Cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and their ever busy and hustling citizens’ compromise their eating habits the most according to recent stats. Grabbing a sandwich while on their way to the office is a quick fix but in the long run improper eating habits can take a toll on their health.

Ruia Agro Farms is one such farm where 100% organic fruits and vegetables are cultivated. Fresh Fruits and vegetables that are grown in your own farm and delivered to your kitchen by Ruia Agro Farms. Just 2 hr away from the city is located Ruia Agro Farms that has set out to provide people an experience of a lifetime. A 100% organic farm maintained and managed by expert agriculturist and horticulturist. Well Equipped farms along with attached luxury villas with lavish interiors are a perfect getaway for the weekend.

A second home to spend your weekend along with family and friends that is just 72 km away from Mumbai. With top class amenities, spacious gardens, gazebos, barbecue setup, plunge pools, Jacuzzi and many more facilities all for you.

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