Organic farming is not a process. It's a passion for us


3000 SQ FT6000 SQ FT13000 SQ FT ONWARDS with attached SECOND HOME



At Ruia Agro Farms you can experience the abundance of nature with the comfort and luxury of our spacious and designer 2-3-4 BHK farmhouse with amenities such as:
swimming pool, barbecue setup, gazebo, jacuzzi and a beautiful garden where you and your loved ones can create memories that can be cherished forever. Modern Farmhose in the lap of nature where you can relax, rejuvenate and reflect.

We have made sure that all your concerns of owning farmland away from the city are dealt with in the most efficient manner. Ruia Agro Farms is your way to cherish and relive the rich roots and culture of our country. We have developed the entire culture in a way where we have the best of both nature and luxury!

Speical Organic Products Available Now


We Provide Only Quality Products

Fruits & Vegetables

Vermiculture is the raising of earthworms for resale or use in vermicomposting systems

Contains high levels of beneficial nitrates and polyphenols. Note: Arugula also has glucosinolates. These natural substances, which give arugula its bitter taste and strong scent, may protect you against certain cancers, including breast, prostate, lung, and colon cancers. The antioxidants and vitamins in arugula can fight inflammation and bacteria. They may also lower cholesterol and improve your circulation. The ample vitamin K in arugula is good for both your bones and your brain.

Bringing you GI tagged Litchis straight from the farms of Muzzafarpur,Bihar. Each Litchi is naturally ripened and traceable to it’s farmer and source.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have to pay a minimum of Rs. 1,00,000/- as a booking amount.

Immediately after full & final payment. On completion of your purchase a sale document will be executed in your favour.
After registration of the farm land in your name you will receive title deeds to your land. This means you own the land outright.

Yes your name will appear on the 7/12 extract of the Land if you buy 11000 sq ft or more Land.

Yes. 40% down payment balance 60% in 4 equal instalments.

You can construct your own farm house/bungalow whenever you want on your land.

Yes we will be happy to construct the farm house/bungalow for you.

As per your need, Construction charges will be quoted to you

Yes if the land is purchased by you is yet to be developed. In case plantation is already done we will try and accommodate as much as possible but it all depends on our farm’s expert agriculturist opinion, climate conditions, time since plantation done etc. However you may change the vegetables plants as per your requirement every season.

Immediately on making full payment of your land. you will get Vegetables Delivery at your home & Delivery charges you have to pay Rs. 16 – 22 per kg.

Yes if you cancel your booking within 7 days of booking our company will refund the entire amount paid by you, however if
you wish to cancel after 7 days of your booking the Company will deduct only the document charges.

As land is a limited commodity i.e. it has no manufacturability, there is always a demand, Once you have purchased land from us you will soon be in possession of your freehold title deeds. This means that you are free to market or sell your land whenever and to whoever you wish.

No there is no lock in period, you may sell your land whenever you want to.

Different type of  farm lands have different rates of Farm Expenses per month collected annually, in advance starting from
about Rs.1/- sq.ft. To Rs.2/- sq.ft. per Sq.Ft. per month towards the salary of a caretaker, cost of seed, manure, organic fertilisers and pesticides, common electricity, security, maintenance of water, drip system etc.

Yes! Vaitarna River is safe during monsoon in any case our land is much above the maximum water height of the Vaitarna River.

Ruia Agro Farms office Address : 101, Kedia Chamber, S.V. Road, Malad, (West), Mumbai- 400064. Phone: 8828824450 E-mail: teamruiaagrofarms@gmail.com, www. RuiaAgroFarms.Com

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