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India’s First Managed And Maintained Organic Farm Lands.

Over the period of last 7 years Ruia Agro Farms has been building 100 % organic farms for which we have received SCOPE Certification.

More than 72 varieties of fruits and vegetables have been planted using multi layer farming technique which provides required nutrition and sunlight for complete development of the organic farm land.Every farm has an earthworm bed that provides natural and chemical free manure that is used as fertilisers for the farms are home delivered to your houses

Attached to the organic farm is your luxury farmhouse with a stunning view of the farm. The ready to move farm house is equipped with swimming pool, jacuzzi, gazebo, barbecue set up, garden and many more luxury amenities.

To own a farm house near Mumbai that has all the above amenities is a perfect getaway for the weekend. Second home that is attached to an organic agricultural land is a dream come true.

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Naturel Landscaping

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Awesome harvest we grow last 10 years

Earthworm Culture ​

The scientific practise of cultivating worms to breakdown organic food wastes into nutrient-rich material is known as vermiculture. Vermicompost is the result of the process in which earthworms devour farmyard manure and roughages, as well as farm trash, and so produce it. The resulting vermicompost is high in nutrients and other plant growth-promoting compounds, and it can provide essential mineral nutrients to aid and support plant growth.

Inside Ruia Agro Farm every farm includes its own earthworm bed that produces organic and chemical free manure that is used as a fertiliser in your farm to provide nutrition to the soil.


Jeevamrut is a traditional Indian bio pesticide and organic manure made through the fermentation of a combined mixture of cow dung, urine, jaggery, pulse flour, soil, and water.

Jeevamrut is completely organic and has no negative effects on soil health. It is completely organic, contains all the nutrients required for plant growth, and protects plants from pests and diseases. Unlike other organic manures that take months to prepare, Jeevamrut can be made in a week.

Amrut Mitti​

As the name implies, it is a life-giving soil.
It's a naturally prepared soil or organic soil formed with the help of dead and decayed leaves, as well as animal-derived organic debris. All of these factors come together to create a fertile, nutrient-rich soil that ensures your plants live a long and healthy life.

Ruia Agro Farms uses this nutrient rich Amrut Mitti in your farms to grow a hundred percent natural and organic fruits and vegetables.

Bamboo Plantation​

Bamboos are an important non-wood forest resource found in both forest and non-forest areas throughout the country. They are a rapidly expanding, widely distributed, renewable, versatile, and low-cost natural resource. Green gold and poor man's timber are other names for them. With the increasing demand for timber, bamboo is a viable substitute in the country. They can grow in a wide range of soil conditions, from organically poor to mineral rich, and moisture levels ranging from drought to flooding, making them useful for reclaiming degraded lands. Bamboos are crucial in the carbon sequestration and biodiversity debates.

Gir Cow Desi Ghee​

Gir Cows are known across the world for their ability to produce milk that is both pure and healthy. Inside Ruia Agro Farm we house cowshed of Gir Cows whose milk has multiple health benefits like helps to maintain blood pressure, Greater Immunity, Promotes Brain Health, Maintains Heart Health, Aids Digestion

Dairy products like Pure Ghee of this milk is also available. That can be purchased and relished by fitness and good health enthusiasts.

Sandalwood plantation ​

Sandalwood is used to treat common colds, coughs, bronchitis, fevers, and sore throats. It is used as a flavouring in food and beverages. Sandalwood oil is used in the production of soaps, cosmetics, and perfumes as a fragrance.

Ruia Agro Farms has dedicated a portion of land in the farms for the cultivation and nurturing of chandan saplings that has multiple health benefits.

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