How to own a trouble free farmhouse

Away from the chaotic city life, a farmhouse can be an ideal destination that provides access to a peaceful environment by keeping you close to nature. However, owning a farmhouse requires proper care and upkeep on a regular basis. Smart farming is a combination of continuously planning ahead and continuously working hard in the here-and-now. In order to do both effectively, it’s important that you establish an efficient daily routine to keep your farm maintained as you advance with improvements. But, you are here to enjoy and relax after a tiring work day. So why would you want to work on your holidays..?

Keeping that in mind, Ruia Agro Farms have brought to all an exclusive farmhouse which is fully managed and cultivated by the expert agriculturists and horticulturists. An 11,000 sq ft farm which consists of over 50+ varieties of fruits and 50+ varieties of organic fruits and vegetables that are 100% organic and fresh directly from your farm to the kitchen table. Not only that, connected with the farm is a fully furnished 1,2,3 & 4 BHK luxury villas with dazzling amenities like swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gazebo, plunge pool, BBQ setup in garden & many more. There is also an assigned caretaker for your villa 24×7 who will look after everything for you to enjoy your leisure time.

We know you want to live such a peaceful and extraordinary life. To get your own farmhouse today, contact Ruia Agro Farms at +91 8828824450 or email us at enquiryruiaagrofarms@gmail.com.

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