Why should we invest in Certified Organic farmland?

  • The Organic Certification system is a quality assurance initiative intended to prevent fraud and promote commerce, based on a set of standards and ethics. It is a process certification for producers of organic food and other organic plant products.
  • For a Farm to be Certified Organic, it must avoid synthetic chemical inputs such as synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, sewage sludge as a fertiliser, and genetically modified GMO seed. 
  • Farmland must have been free of these synthetic chemicals for generally three years prior to certification.
  • There are a number of practices in organic farming, such as crop rotation and the use of cover crops and green manures, intercropping, management that decreases the use of and dependence on fossil fuels, and the fostering of natural predators to control insect populations.
  • Soil and water quality have always been important in organic agriculture, and its practitioners stress soil-building practices, erosion prevention, and well-timed fertilisation. 
  • So, one should invest in Certified Organic farmland like Ruia Agro Farms which is a 100% Certified Organic farming process based cultivation and harvesting of fruits & vegetables, so basically it is a concept of providing you ease of end the o end farming and free weekly home delivery of fruits and vegetables grown on your own farm as a value-added service. 

What are you waiting for? Build your Perfect Organic farmhouse with Ruia Agro Farms.

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