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A farm spread across 8 acres of land that has been segregated into smaller farm land that houses more than 50 plus varieties of organic fruits and vegetables carefully harvested in a multi layer farming process that enables sufficient sunlight and soil nutrients for all the plants.

Maintained and managed by expert agriculturists and horticulturists that evaluate the farm land timely.

Ruia Agro Farms is an initiative for people to invest in healthy and organic living for them and their loved ones.

Attached with a luxury villa, your farm becomes a perfect weekend home destination.
Luxury villa equipped with top amenities like, plunge pool, jacuzzi, garden, barbecue setup etc
Ruia Agro Farms is here to deliver an experience of a lifetime.

Sustainability and Green homes as a concept has been accepted by the world to contribute in making the planet a greener planet.
The world will soon understand the importance of using green resources as we are almost on the verge to announcing a CLIMATE EMERGENCY.
Countries all around the globe are doing their bit to create necessary awareness and implement steps that will reduce carbon-footprints.

Working towards taking strict measures to eliminate the use of plastic is also a widely discussed topic. Many European , African and Asian countries have put a ban on use for single use plastic.

India announced the ban on single use plastic from 1st July 2022 according to the CPCB- CENTRAL POLLUTION CONTROL BOARD.Sikkim government passed the country’s first plastic-bag ban in 1998 after which a lot of north and north eastern states have stopped using single use plastic.


Zoho’s CEO took the internet to show it’s new office that was completely eco-friendly and green. Going minimalistic and simple with the design and architecture.

ECO HOME: No Power, Water & Sewer connection in this house.

Man Covers His 3-storey House In Uttar Pradesh With 10,000 Plants Living amongst a concrete jungle this man finds his way out to live close to nature by planting 10000 plants in his home.

Award-Winning Farmer Earns Rs 30 Lakh/Year With Unique Method that Saves Space & Water

Over the past few years, a new farming model has slowly been spreading to the country’s small towns, giving farmers better yields and a more regular, weekly income.
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